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Puppies are born on 20.02.2007,6 males and 2 females, all black.
tel.: +421 905 593 075
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Ch. Samarcanda Dance With a Stranger
Cabryn American Boy a Samarcanda
Cabryn American Boy a Samarcanda 
Ch. Ravendune O´Bannion 
Ch. Degana Cole Porter 
Ch. Ravendune O´Rourke 
Cabryn Czarny Suka
Cabryn Karissima Dalton  
Karissima Cassia  
Ch. Samarcanda Dance With a Stranger 
Ch. Topscore Contradiction
Ch. Torpaz It´ll All White 
Ch. Kenzo Stricktly Ballroom 
Ch. Racketeer Sinner in Silk
Ch. Racketeer Exquisite Sinner
Ch. Härbovi´s Hell Cat